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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mama Rochel - originally published in Hamodia, 2004

Mama Rochel

By Debbie Shapiro

Closing my eyes
I envision the essence of motherhood
the quintessential Yiddishe Mama
gentle, modest,
without fanfare;
quiet unassuming mesiras nefesh
constantly searching for ways to help others.
Can you imagine how difficult it must have been
for a bride,
to forgo her own happiness
and disclose the secret signs
so that her sister would not be disgraced
on her wedding day?

“A voice is heard on high
Lamentations and bitter weeping.”
Rochel, Mama Rochel
is weeping for her children
she is waiting for them
she is waiting for all of them,
every single precious one of them
to return to Him
and bring this bitter exile to an end;
only then will she be consoled.

Mama Rochel, Mama Rochel,
When will you stop crying?
When will your tears of sorrow
turn into tears of joy?
We are longing for you to be comforted,
we are waiting for you to rejoice in our joy,
and reap naches from your children’s return
like a true Yiddishe Mama.

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