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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Musing on the morning of Bedikas Chametz -- or Isn't Procrastinating Fun?

Erev Pesach is an exercise in minimizing At first, the chametz takes up a small folding table in the hall, plus the top of a rolling cabinet, then, as we finish using the microwave for the very last time and it gets cleaned and put away, together witht the toaster and sandwich maker, we're down to a small corner of the folding table. Soon I'll be cleaning the hot water cooker, and it will join the last two coffee mugs, and chametzdik coffee in the milchig chametz cabinet. Lunch -- chicken cooked in a Pesachdik pot, together with bread rolls. And as for breakfast tomorrow, it's rolls, what else? And then the feasting begins....
Pesach really is an incredible holiday!

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